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Nope. But the real story is better. Bolding mine:

The late Ruth Thompson, a cell painter on “Snow White” who later became a multiplane scene planner, recalled: “We tried everything - airbrush, drybrush, even lipstick and rouge, which is perhaps the basis for the legend because we did, in fact, try it. But nothing worked.

The airbrush was difficult to control on such a small area; drybrush was too harsh; lipstick and rouge unwieldy and messy. Everything proved to be impractical and all hope seemed lost to give Snow White her little bit of color when the idea of using a dye was proposed.

Again Ms. Thompson: “Someone suggested a red dye because the blue day we added to give Donald Duck his distinctive sailor-blue never really could be washed off the cell without leaving a bluish stain where the paint had been applied.”

Ever since the mid 30’s when color became the norm for all the cartoons, not just the “Silly Symphonies,” all paints and inks were made at the studio. During this period as well cells were routinely reused for economic reasons, thus the need to wash them off. Apparently Donald’s special blue color was made with a dye added to the usual powdered pigments. “So we tried that.” As the women gathered around in what must have seemed just another dead-end effort, all eyes became fixed on the red dot which soon became a small glow with no perceptible edge. The hushed silence soon gave way to sighs of relief. The method had finally been found. Now the application.

Among the studio’s many inkers (an extremely demanding profession), was one young lady whose training and skill was unique: Helen Ogger. Just being an inker placed one within the elite confines of this most “holy of holies” area of the Nunnery, as the Ink and Paint Department was so called (Walt had strict and quite Victorian views that the sexes not mingle at the workplace, allowing no male personnel save the “gofer” boy and the paymaster “Mr.” Keener to enter this domain of mostly unmarried women ). But Helen was in addition a very fine cartoonist and one of the few women at Disney’s or anywhere else, who could animate.

Such a seemingly insignificant detail (as the cheek colors) might be thought not worthy of special mention (she, as well as the other inkers and painters, was given no screen credit). But when one adds up the number of footage required to be tinted freehand on each individual cell, the hours suddenly turn into weeks and months. In fact, such a treatment was never attempted again on such a scale and even today, the publicity stills from “Snow White,” most of which do not have the added blush, bear witness to how that little touch of extra care adds to the vitality we see on the screen.

The work was done on all close-ups, most medium shots, and even on some long shots. The Queen was also similarly tinted. Hundreds of hours were needed to complete this task, arduous, repetitive and, of course, hard on the eyes. Ultimately a handful of other girls were needed to assist Helen as the clocked ticked toward the deadline.

Helen had to place several cells together on an animation board, one atop the other, just like in the process of animation, in order to get the ‘registration’ right (the spot of red just right in relation to the preceding and following ones) - all of this without any guide. She would work out her own extremes and then ‘animate’ the blush in inbetweens. Her work deserves admiration and gratitude and it is unfortunate that her contribution has remained unknown and her anonymity unaltered during her lifetime. She was paid, as were the rest of the Inkers, $18 a week, which included a half-day on Saturday and the many, many hours of unpaid overtime “Snow White” would require - all given unstintingly, (by everyone involved, it should be added), to a project whose joy in participating was its own reward.

She eventually became head of Inking and Special Effects and even taught classes in animation at the studio. She left in 1941 (apparently part of the terrible strike that would leave the Disney Studio changed forever), taking her skills with her. She died in Glendale in February of 1980. Perhaps it is safe to say that her departure was critical to the abrupt demise of this now unique effect (it was also used, though on a much smaller scale in both “Pinocchio” and “Fantasia”). None of the other inkers or painters were animators and it is this fact, not just the factor of economy nor the changing tastes, which surely must be considered a reason why such details were never attempted again. The golden age was over.

Also, here’s an interesting article about female cel painters at Disney. I am now fascinated by the idea of writing something with a Depression-era cel painter as a protagonist.

autogynephile raped elle, moved her community against them, lied, and defrauded her of funds she needed to survive





if you want to be subservient to men i guess that’s your prerogative but could you maybe stop harassing lesbian survivors for the sake of your memes

its weird how not being in your cult is exactly synonymous with being ‘subservient to men’ or whatever political horseshit you believe. its not like the people who are critiquing you are lesbians or aroace. its you or the biher afabs right

respond to this or fuck off you craven rape apologist

here’s my response

past consent does not equal present consent.

BDSM is not an excuse for threats or revenge.

BDSM is not an excuse for anything.

if you bring a dangerous weapon like a knife into a sex act, especially when your partner is bound and gagged, it is NECESSARY that you explicitly discussed and consented to this before that specific sex act. this explicit process is extremely EXTREMELY important, esp considering they are not enabled to give any sort of safe word.

just because you have had knife play in the past and expressed concerns to learn how to do it better doesn’t mean you bring it in, AS A SURPRISE, and threaten to kill your partner (with a real knife as opposed to the dull one you had used in the past).

if you are too afraid of your partner and the nonconsensual knife at your throat to explicitly withdraw consent, this has been an act of sexual assault.

if you do any of this to your partner you do not deserve “aftercare” or claim that their leaving in fear was abusive.

further facts: Eve autogynephile (prev baeddelbutch, beefbludd, baeddelbludd, etc)
is a rapist. she has turned her jealousy of Elle’s then-new partner and her desire for domination into an excuse to assault and alienate Elle from their entire former community. there are no split sides, it’s Elle themself and us and maybe two other people against a great number of rape apologists circulating “support Eve!!” posts and yelling at Elle whenever they remind people they are still alive.

Elle’s “rape claim” is that CONSENSUAL sex that we had crossed the line into being nonconsensual a week after we had it.

elle having a conversation, by your extremely dubious recollection, if even we can call it that and not an attempt to further malign their coming forward, in which they were not immediately upset about what happened previous is not evidence that you did not sexually assault them. what is evidence is their narrative in which you came in with a knife, with no forewarning, and put them in a situation in which they could not physically resist nor ask you to stop at fear of death — a narrative which you have only ever tangentially cast doubt on. a narrative that you have never ever even attempted to disprove. 

Every single person who was involved at the time, after examining the facts of the situation, came to the realization that Elle was counter-claiming. 

every single person you knew came to your defense, demonized elle for their bpd, harassed them, and supported you because you were a community leader and, to borrow baeddel-speak, ‘had more social capital’. and furthermore, because you had already spoken to them before elle was able to go public. it is absolutely no surprise that this happened and its absolutely disgusting that you would use this as evidence.

Autumn, and most likely the rest of Cat’s former crew, were aware of Elle’s claim WHEN IT HAPPENED, ignored it then, and then decided to care, months later, right after we had a political disagreement about something totally unrelated.

  1. stop calling everyone you disagree with ‘cats former crew’, especially when a lot of those people were abused by her! i have literally no other way to conceptualize this other than that you don’t care about abuse victims when they don’t support your narrative! 
  2. autumn being aware hardly is evidence of ‘the rest of Cat’s former crew’ being aware of that. most of the people you’re conglomerating under that label literally were very surprised with this fact when they were made aware

Elle’s “rape claim” is that CONSENSUAL sex that we had crossed the line into being nonconsensual a week after we had it. According to Elle, the fact that my support system helped me to piece together the fact that I was being abused, and the fact that that realization made me angry, meant that the sex that we had A WEEK PRIOR TO ME MAKING THAT REALIZATION was “hate-fucking.” Because I got angry at them. Long after the sex was over. That’s it. That’s literally the claim. If it seems like it doesn’t make sense, it’s because it fucking doesn’t. But it IS LITERALLY THE CLAIM.

actually their claim is that you raped them by incorporating knife play into a routine in which they could not physically resist you without their prior consent. there are a lot of reasons under which elles claim might differ then and now. one of them is that they were afraid of accusing you of absolute and unequivocal rape in fear that you would mobilize your associates against them for a harsher claim, which is something you all actually did. you literally drove them off tumblr after extorting them of several hundred dollars. 

After I broke up with Elle (read: finally broke away from my abuser, after weeks of consulting with friends about the extensive gaslighting, sexual coercion, & other manipulation & abuse that I’d experienced at Elle’s hands), they exhausted two other bullshit abuse counter-claims against me before saying I raped them.

what’s funny is you, too, and your friends by association, have put forth an amazing amount of counter claims and gaslighting. you said elle’s dispute was rooted in butchphobia (they’re buch, by their words) and lied about the financial extortion that was taking place. b8l and you covered up the fact that elle opened up about being afraid of the knifeplay in the immediate aftermath. you lied about them spreading rumors

and, god, maybe the worst thing i’ve ever heard out of the mouth of a human being, transdykeprivilege accused them of '[dressing] [their rape] up in the sensationalist image of someone being scary cuz she’s topping with a knife' and ‘mobilizing anti-BDSM rhetoric’christ. anti-BDSM rhetoric. that was their rape charge to you. something to make your favorite sex look bad. and you let her say it, anything to keep elle from being received in your community as a victim, one you abused. 









believe in torridgristle



gamers aren’t so much a sub culture as they are a group of people that marketers were able to create so they could sell more expensive toys

The Maoist perspective on the women’s question in India also identifies patriarchy as an institution that has been the cause of women’s oppression throughout class society. But it does not identify it as a separate system with its own laws of motion. The understanding is that patriarchy takes different content and forms in different societies depending on their level of development and the specific history and condition of that particular society; that it has been and is being used by the ruling classes to serve their interests. Hence there is no separate enemy for patriarchy. The same ruling classes, whether imperialists, capitalists, feudals and the State they control, are the enemies of women because they uphold and perpetuate the patriarchal family, gender discrimination and the patriarchal ideology within that society.
Anuradha GhandyPhilosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement (via selucha)



for halloween im dressing up as a superwholock




truly inspirational




you know how much pressure there is on girls to be good at every video game they play, because if they fuck up once there’s going to be a heck of a lot of people saying how girls suck and how they shouldn’t play video games 




Don’t forget for a second that Cuba is on the front line in the fight against ebola, and has been for years.

@USSR please remake


…trying to tell us to be careful not to be anti-semitic, as if hatred for Jews is a problem right now.














I read that Senegal has also been declared Ebola free. This makes me so happy.



Remember that time I went around messaging “real justice”/”anti-SJW” blogs asking them if they had any plans of addressing nazi blogs?

And all the responses were “we judge actions, not beliefs”, “I think you’ll find they’re quite reasonable if you just talk to them.”, and “that would be fighting hate with hate!”… and, as a kicker, “Actually, I’m a nationalist socialist myself and this is why I’m interested in ~*real*~ justice.”